Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Using File Manager

Once you have configured hosting for a domain, you can use a file manager to operate your files and directories.

To access the file manager functions, from the Domain Administration page, click the File Manager button. The file manager page will open displaying a root directory structure and contents.

Use the File Manager:

  • To browse the directories, click on the folder icon in the Type column.

  • To change permissions for a directory or file: click on the corresponding icon. A permissions settings page will open, allowing you to set the required permissions for all users. Select the desired settings using the checkboxes, then click Update to submit.

  • To rename a directory or file, click on the corresponding icon. A new page will open allowing you to rename the selected file or directory. Type in a new name and click Update.

  • To copy or move a file or directory to another location, select the required file or directory using the appropriate checkbox in the Sel column, and click Copy/Move. You will then need to specify the destination for the file or directory to be copied or renamed to. Then click Copy to copy, or Move to move it.

  • To change a timestamp of a directory or file. To do this, click on the Touch button. The time stamp will be updated with the current local time.

  • To remove a file or directory, select it using the checkbox in the Sel column and click Remove Selected.

  • To upload a file to the current directory, click the Create file button. Type in the path to its location, or point out to it clicking the Browse... button. Then click Upload.

  • To create a file, click the Create file button. Type in a file name in the corresponding field, check (uncheck) the "html template" box, and click Create.

  • To create a subdirectory that will be located in the current directory, click the Create directory button. Type in the directory name in the appropriate field, and click Create.

  • To edit a file, click the corresponding icon. The File Manager's editor window will open, allowing you to edit the file source. After you are done with editing, click Save to save the file, Save and Exit to save the file and quit the file editing mode, Cancel to cancel editing mode and return to the File Manager panel, or Reset to discard the alterations made.

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