Domainplus domain management system FAQ

DNS Zone Template Management

This page allows you to create the default DNS Zone Template. Such template simplifies setting up the DNS records for a freshly created new domain. This feature provides you with a number of DNS records that are more or less standard for a DNS zone.

In order to add a new DNS template record follow these steps:

  1. Click on the DNS button on the Server administration page. The DNS Zone Template page appears.

  2. Select the type of record you wish to add from the Select new DNS record type drop-down box and click Add. The DNS Zone Template Records Editing page appears.

  3. Fill in the required information into the provided input fields (the type of the information required varies depending on the type of the DNS record selected).

  4. Click Add to submit the entered data and add the new record to the template. If you decide not to add the record, simply click the Up button or the appropriate shortcut in the pathbar at the top of the page.


The following domain name and host IP templates can be used: <domain>, which is then replaced with the domain name, and <ip>, which is replaced by the primary IP address.

In order to remove a DNS record from the template, select a record using the checkbox in the Sel column, and click Remove Selected. The confirmation dialog box will appear. Click OK to confirm. The record will be immediately removed.

The DNS Zone Status icon located at the top of the page indicates whether a DNS is turned on or off.

  • If you wish to turn the DNS on or off for the template, toggle the On/Off button.

  • Turning the DNS zone off will refresh the page, so that only a list of nameservers remains.

  • If you are running remote DNS, and therefore want to turn DNS off, you should create the appropriate NS entries to be stored in the template. To add a nameserver: click Add, enter the nameserver in the appropriate input field, and click Update. You see that the name server(s) for the template remains listed as a link.

To restore the default DNS zone template, click the Default button.

Configuring SOA records parameters

The Plesk administrator is able to customize the SOA records parameters via the database. The following SOA records parameters can be adjusted:


  • SOA_Refresh

  • SOA_Retry

  • SOA_Expire

  • SOA_Minimum

If some of these parameters do not exist in the "misc" table, the default settings will be used. To set the new SOA records parameters, you need to insert the above parameters into the "misc" table with the new values.


mysql -uadmin -p -D psa -e"INSERT INTO misc VALUES ('SOA_TTL','86400');"

If you have already set the SOA parameters, and need to change the current settings, you can do it using the command like below:

mysql -uadmin -p -D psa -e "UPDATE misc SET val='43200' WHERE param='SOA_TTL';"

Updated SOA parameters will be set for the newly created domains. If you need to update the SOA for an already existing domain, run the following command from the command line:

C:\SWsoft\PLESK\admin\bin\dnsmng.exe update

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