Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Editing Domain Preferences

This page allows the administrator to change the domain name, and adjust the traffic statistics retention setting. If you wish to change the "www" prefix requirement for the domain, that would be changeable on this page. You may also pass on scripting capabilities to domain web users and set up the use of webmail for the domain.

To adjust the domain preference settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Preferences button at the Domain administration page. The Domain preferences page will open.

  2. Check or uncheck the WWW prefix checkbox to determine whether the given domain will allow the www prefix to be used to access the domain. If the box is checked, Internet users will be able to access a domain (i.e. by specifying either the domain name itself or the domain with the "www" prefix. If the box is unchecked it will not be accessible with the "www" prefix (i.e.

  3. To change the domain name, click in the Domain name field, displaying the given domain name and edit it as desired.


    • Use this feature with caution, as renaming a domain may result in problems with software running on this domain.

    • After you have changed a domain name, you should update the SSL certificate correspondingly.

    • Make sure that you inform a domain owner and domain users of the domain name change.

  4. Check or uncheck the WebMail checkbox to allow or disallow the use of web-based e-mail for the given domain through webmail.'domain name'.

  5. Check or uncheck the Allow the web users scripting checkbox to allow or disallow the use of scripting to the web users' accounts created within the given domain. Note that this simply allows the domain owner to select from the scripting options given to the domain.

  6. To set the traffic statistics retention period, check the Retain traffic statistics for...Months checkbox, and type the number in the input field provided.

  7. Click Update to submit any and all changes and return to the Domain administration page. Clicking Up will discard all changes and return to the Domain administration page.

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