Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Viewing the Summary Report

The summary report is a brief overview of resource usage for the listed domains.

  1. You access the report clicking on the Summary Report button on the Client home page.

  2. The Summary report page contains the list of existing domains belonging to the client. Each list entry corresponds to a specific domain and contains the data on usage of the following resource types:

    • Disk space used (DU)
    • Network traffic (TR)
    • Number of subdomains (SD)
    • Number of web users on the domain (WU)
    • Number of databases (DB)
    • Number of mail names (MN)
    • Number of mail aliases (MA)
    • Number of mail redirects (MR)
    • Number of mail groups (MG)
    • Number of mailing lists (ML)

  3. To return to the Domains list page, click Up.

Sending the report via e-mail

This report can be sent via e-mail to a specific address. Enter the e-mail address to which the report should be sent and click Send by E-mail.

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