Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Managing Domain Templates

Domain templates are used for simplifying the process of creating domains. Click Domain Templates to access the Templates page.

Adding a new domain template

  1. At the Templates page, click the Add button.

  2. Enter the new domain template name into the Template name input box.

  3. Set the limits for the resource usage at the domain. To this effect, uncheck the corresponding "Unlimited" checkbox for the desired type of resource, and enter the limit value into the appropriate input field.

  4. To set the domain validity period, uncheck the "Unlimited" checkbox corresponding to the Validity period field, and define a value.

  5. Set up the log rotation options for the domain:

    • To enable the log rotation, check the corresponding checkbox.
    • Select the log rotation period: if you choose to rotate log files by size, enter the log file size limit; if you choose to rotate log files by time, select Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
    • Limit the maximum number of log files allowed.
    • Enable or disable the log files compression by checking or unchecking the corresponding checkbox
    • Specify the email address for the processed log files to be delivered to

  6. Specify how to deal with mail to nonexistent users:

    • You can either bounce such mail with a message that you can enter here, or
    • You can catch such mail to a specific e-mail address

  7. Enable the web user scripting, WebMail usage and mailing lists by checking the corresponding checkboxes.

  8. If you wish to define the traffic statistics retention time, check the Retain traffic statistics for … Months checkbox and enter the desired value.

  9. Select the type of DNS zone: Master or Slave.

  10. Set the virtual hosting properties. You can choose to set up Physical hosting or None. For physical hosting you can also set the following parameters:

    • Hard disk quota (specify in Megabytes)
    • SSL support
    • FrontPage support
    • FrontPage over SSL support (authorization DISABLED or ENABLED)
    • ASP support
    • SSI support
    • PHP support
    • CGI support
    • Perl support
    • Python support
    • Web statistics
    • Custom Error Documents

  11. When you are done, click Update to save the new domain template. Clicking Up will return you to the Template page without creating the new template.

Editing a domain template

To edit a domain template, follow these steps:

  1. Select the domain template you wish to edit and click on its name.

  2. The process of editing a domain template is just like the process of its creation. Follow the instructions provided in the Adding a new domain template section.


    When modifying a template, nothing will change for the domains that were previously created using this domain template.

  3. When you are done editing, click Update. Clicking Up will discard all changes you made and return you to the Template page.

Removing a domain template

To remove a domain template(s):

  1. Check the checkboxes in the Sel column of the Templates list corresponding to the templates you wish to remove.

  2. Click Remove Selected. The Template Removal page appears displaying the templates selected for removal.

  3. If you are certain that the displayed information is correct and wish to proceed with deleting, check the "Yes, I wish to remove these templates." checkbox. Then click Submit. If you decide to not delete these templates or wish to modify the list of templates chosen for deletion, click the Cancel button.

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