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Managing IP Pool

The IP pool is the location within which the client’s IP addresses are managed. Clients are given IPs and then are able to utilize them within their own domains. IPs are able to be granted as either exclusive, meaning that the target client becomes the user with exclusive rights to this IP, or shared, meaning that this IP is shared among many clients (i.e. one IP can be used for hosting by many clients).

The IP Pool also provides the mechanism by which IP usage can be tracked. The client immediately sees his/her complete list of allocated IPs and can identify the locations on which each IP is currently being used within their environment.

Click the IP Pool button on the Client Home page to access the Client IP pool. It displays the list of IP addresses that were granted (exclusively or as shared) to this client.

Table 10.3. The IP state/type icons.

Icon Meaning
The state icon indicates the system state of the IP address:
means that the IP address functions properly
[ ! ]
means that the IP address is malfunctioning. Plesk experiences problems when trying to work with this IP address.
The type icon indicates how the IP address was granted:
means that the IP address was granted exclusively
means that the IP address was granted as shared

The H column (for Hosting) displays the number of client's domains that use (have hosting configured) the corresponding IP address.

Adding IP address to the client's IP pool

The admin grants available IP addresses to a particular client so that they can be used for setting up hosting at client’s domains.

  1. At the Client IP pool page, click the Add button.

  2. Select an IP address from the List of vacant IP’s.


    You can select several IP addresses at a time.

  3. Click Update to add the selected IP address(-es) to the client’s IP pool. Clicking Up will return you to the Client IP pool page without adding new IP addresses to IP pool.

Viewing the hosting configured for an IP and setting a default domain

You can view the domains that have hosting set up using a particular IP address. Here you can also set a default domain for the exclusive IP address - the domain that will be addressed if a user specifies this IP address in the browser or a domain that cannot be resolved.

  1. At the Client IP pool page, select the IP address you wish to inspect and click on the number of domains displayed in the H column. The page that contains the list of domains using the specified IP address will appear.

  2. To jump to a specific Domain administration page, simply click on the name of the domain.

  3. To set a domain as default for the exclusive IP address, select the domain using the radio button in the Sel column and click Set as Default. The default domain name will be displayed in bold.

  4. Click Up to return to the Client IP pool page.


Following this procedure, you can set the default domain only for an exclusively granted IP address, to set the default domain for a shared IP, refer to the IP aliasing section of this manual.

Assigning an SSL certificate for an exclusively granted IP address

The administrator can assign SSL certificates to the exclusively granted IP addresses in the client’s IP pool.


The admin can only choose the new SSL certificate from those that are available in the certificate repositories of the domains that belong to the corresponding client.

  1. At the Client IP pool page, select the exclusively granted IP address you wish to assign a new SSL certificate to and click on it.

  2. Select the new certificate in the SSL Certificate drop-down box.

  3. Click Update. Clicking Up will discard all changes you made and return you to the Client IP pool page.

Searching in the IP pool

Plesk allows searching the list of IP addresses at the Client IP pool page for a certain pattern. It can help in case you have a great number of IP addresses in the pool and you need to work with a particular one. To search in the IPs list:

  1. Select the text input field and type in the pattern string you wish to search for and click the Search button.

  2. If there were any items found matching the pattern string entered, they will all be displayed in the form of the reduced IPs list.

  3. If no matches were found it will be so stated.

  4. The button Show All will revert to displaying the whole list of IPs in the IP pool.

There is also another way to ease the process of working with a large list of IPs. An option of sorting the list by several various parameters is made available to you. You can sort the IPs list by State, Type, IP address and Hosting columns values. To sort the list by a certain parameter in ascending or descending order, click on the name of the parameter. An arrow will appear indicating the order of sorting: down for descending order, up for ascending.

Removing an IP address from the client's IP pool

You can remove one or several IPs at the same time.


IP addresses that are in use for hosting cannot be removed from the IP pool.

To remove an IP address(-es):

  1. Check the checkboxes in the Sel column of the IPs list corresponding to the IPs you wish to remove.

  2. Click on Remove Selected. The IP Address Removal page appears displaying the IPs selected for removal.

  3. If you are certain that the displayed information is correct and wish to proceed with deleting, check the "Yes, I wish to remove IP addresses from the pool." checkbox. Then click Submit. If you decide to not delete these IPs from the pool or wish to modify the list of IPs chosen for deletion, click the Cancel button.

    Both buttons will return you to the Client IP pool page, one submitting the changes, the other one leaving everything unchanged.

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