Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Editing the Permissions for Operations

Plesk admin can decide what operations the client can perform and what operations he/she should not be able to perform. To edit the client’s permissions for operations:

  1. Click the Permissions button on the Client Home page. The Client permissions page will appear displaying the list of permissions for all available operations:

    • Client can create domains
    • Client can manage physical hosting
    • Client can manage hard disk quota
    • Client can manage subdomains
    • Client can change domain limits
    • Client can manage DNS zone
    • Client can manage log rotation
    • Client can manage scheduler
    • Client can manage anonymous FTP
    • Client can manage tomcat web applications
    • Client can manage system access
    • Client can edit mailing lists

  2. In order to allow (forbid) the client to perform a specific operation, check (uncheck) the corresponding checkbox.


    Allow performing operations of managing scheduler and system access only to trusted clients as these operations must be performed with great care and can have most serious effects on the system.

  3. When you are done editing, click Update. Clicking Up will discard all changes you made and return you to the Client preferences page.

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