Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Viewing the Client Report

Plesk keeps a summary of important data for every client in the system. The client report is a brief overview of the client-related system information.

Click the Report button to view the client report. The client report includes the following information:

Table 10.2. The client report data.

Data Meaning
Version the version of Plesk installed on the server
Client account status the system state and status of the client acount
Company name the name of the client’s company
Personal name the client’s name
Creation date the date of creation of the client’s account
Expiration date the date of expiration of the client’s account
Active domains the number of client’s domains that are presently active
Domains the total number of client’s domains
Subdomains the total number of client’s subdomains
Disk space the total amount of disk space used by client’s domains and subdomains
Mailboxes the total number of mail boxes on all domains
Redirects the total number of mail redirects on all domains
Mail groups the total number of mail groups on all domains
Autoresponders the total number of mail autoresponders on all domains
Mailing lists the total number of mailing lists on all domains
Web users the total number of web users on all domains
Databases the total number of databases on all domains
Web applications the total number of web applications on all domains

Clicking on the icon, you can get the printer-friendly version in a separate window.

To send the report by e-mail, click on the icon. Enter the e-mail address in the dialog window and click OK to send the report to the specified address.

Viewing the traffic history

Traffic history is a record of amounts of traffic registered for the selected client’s domains over a period of time.

  1. Click the Traffic History button at the Client report page.

  2. The client’s traffic history is displayed in the form of a table. Each line entry in the table contains the following data:

    • Year - the reported year
    • Month - the reported month
    • Traffic usage - the amount of traffic registered for the client’s domains over the reported month

    The number of entries in the traffic history record is set at the Server preferences page.

  3. To return to the Client report page, click Up.

Customizing a report layout

You can define which sections of the client report will be displayed. To this effect, on the client's report page, click on the Customize button. The Custom report layouts page will open displaying the list of currently existing report layouts. To add a new custom layout, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Add button.

  2. Enter the report layout name in the Report name field.

  3. In the General field, define the amount of data that will be presented in the General section of the report.

  4. In the Domain field, define the amount of data that will be presented in the Domains section of the report.

  5. To use the layout by default, select the corresponding checkbox.

  6. Click Update.

To remove a custom report layout from the Custom report layouts page, select it using the corresponding checkbox in the Sel column, then click Remove Selected.

To edit a custom layout, select its title in the list.

You can sort the list of report layouts by various parameters and search for a certain pattern.

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