Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Registering a Slave Server Account

To add a new slave server account, follow these steps:

  1. Access the slave servers management function by clicking on the Master shortcut in the navigation pane. The Slave Servers Administration page appears.

  2. Click Add. The Slave server account page will open.

  3. Enter the hostname and port number in the appropriate fields, enter login name, and password for Plesk 6.5 to be able to log on to the given slave server. You may also wish to type in a description for the slave server. Check the Do not request information from the server checkbox, if you do not wish the detailed slave server information to be displayed.

  4. Click Set.

  5. The Slave server account page will be updated with the following slave server information:

    • Key number
    • OS
    • Plesk version
    • CPU type
    • System Uptime
    • Load averages for last 1, 5, 15 minutes
    • Number of clients
    • Number of problem clients
    • Number of domains
    • Number of problem domains
    • Number of databases
    • Number of database users
    • Web users
    • Mail autoresponders
    • Mail groups
    • Mail redirects
    • Mail boxes
    • Active domains
    • Domains with hosting
    • Status of services

  6. To manage certificate for the server click on the Cert button. You will be taken to Slave server certificate management page. You can copy and paste the certificate content right into appropriate field or simply browse to its location by clicking on the Browse... button. After that, click on Send File or Send Text buttons respectively to submit the certificate, or click the Up button to discard any changes and return to the Slave server account page.

To refresh information on the slave server, click Refresh.

To log on to the slave server, click Login. The Plesk control panel of the remote slave server will open in a new browser window, allowing you to manage the server.


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