Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Skeleton Management

Skeletons are file structure templates, which are used for fast automatic creation of predefined virtual host content when creating a physical hosting.

Skeleton file may contain the following top-level directories only:

  • httpdocs
  • httpsdocs
  • conf
  • cgi-bin
  • anon_ftp
  • error_docs

All other directories will be ignored during skeleton deployment.

Maximum allowed skeleton file size depends on the current server configuration options. The max.size value is shown on the skeleton management page and usually is not larger than 2 Mb.

Allowed skeleton file types are *.tgz and *.zip archives.

To activate a new custom skeleton, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Skeleton button on the Server administration page. The Skeleton management page will open.

  2. Select the archive file that contains the skeleton. Use the Browse button to locate the desired file.

  3. Click Send File. The new skeleton will be uploaded and activated.

  4. NOTE

    Each new skeleton replaces the previously used skeleton. Now, the new skeleton will be used in the process of creating all new physical hosting instances until it is replaced by another skeleton (new or the default one).

You can always return to using the default skeleton. To do so, just click the Default button on the Skeleton management page. The default skeleton will replace the currently used skeleton and will be activated.

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