Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Interface Preferences

Plesk allows to set up system-wide preferences, such as the number of lines displayed on the pages containing lists (i.e.: list of domains, list of clients, etc.), set default interface language, customize Control Panel appearance by selecting a skin, allow multiple simultaneous sessions under administrator's login, enable/disable checking for mailboxes passwords in the vocabulary to ensure they are not easy to guess, and adjust server-wide statistics calculation.

To set the server-wide preferences follow these steps:

  1. When on the Server administration page, click the Preferences button. The Server preferences page appears.

  2. To set the number of lines per page, enter the value into the appropriate input field. The maximum value can contain not more than 4 digits. Entering zero will enable Plesk to display all entries at once on a single page.

  3. To set the default interface language, and the language for your interface, select the needed language from the drop-down lists.

  4. To change the way your Plesk 6.5 system interface looks, and to set the default skin, select the desired skin from the drop-down lists.

  5. To allow multiple users with login name 'admin' access and manage the system, check the Allow multiple sessions under administrator's login checkbox.

  6. In order to ensure that the mailboxes passwords are not easy to guess, select the Check the passwords for mailboxes in the vocabulary checkbox.

  7. Specify the duration the statistics will be retained for, in the Retain traffic statistics for ...Months field.

  8. For the Plesk 6.5 system to know whether to take into account the log files, databases, mailboxes, tomcat web applications, mailing lists, and domain dumps, when the disk space usage statistics calculation is carried out, specify the necessary options by putting the check marks in appropriate fields.

  9. Click the Update button to apply all the changes made and to return to the Server administration page. The Up button discards all unsaved changes and returns you to the Server administration page without saving changes.

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