Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Logo Setup

You may replace the default Plesk logo in the top banner area with your own logo. This provides you with a customized look for your interface. Also, it enables you to hyperlink the logo to your organization's web site. To change the logo on the interface, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Logo Setup button on the Server administration page. The Logo Setup page appears:

  2. Click in the Choose new logo file text box and enter the name of the logo file you wish to use, or click the Browse... button and locate the desired file.


    You should use a GIF or a JPEG file format for your logo, preferably no larger than 100 kilobytes to minimize download time. Plesk resizes the logo to fit in the banner area.

  3. Click Set to place your logo in the banner area. This may take some time to upload.

  4. You have the option to create a hyperlink that activates when a user clicks on your logo. The link may take the user to a corporate URL or other web site. Click in the Enter new logo link URL box. Type in the URL.

  5. Click Set to activate the hyperlink.

  6. If you change your mind and wish to revert back to the Plesk logo, click the Default Logo button.

When you have finished with setting a logo and hyperlink, click Up to return to the Server administration page.

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