Domainplus domain management system FAQ

Using the Plesk Service Control Utility

In addition to the service management facilities provided within control panel, there is the Service Control utility available from the system taskbar. It allows managing the following services:

  • Plesk Control Panel - the control panel's web server engine,

  • Plesk Management Service - handles control panel settings, security and statistics,

  • Plesk Miscellaneous Service - handles IP assignment, time management, Plesk utilities and user accounts,

  • Plesk Scheduler - task scheduling and management,

  • Plesk List Connector - mail service,

  • Plesk Mail Transfer Agent - mail service,

  • Plesk POP Service - mail service,

  • Plesk Postoffice Connector - mail service,

  • Plesk SMTP Connector - mail service,

  • Plesk SQL Server - MySQL database that stores all Plesk objects,

  • Stunnel - enables SSL support for mail server,

  • Plesk Name Server - DNS service,

  • Plesk Java Servlet Container - enables support for Java applets.

To start a service, select the corresponding checkbox, and click the Start button.

To stop a service, select the corresponding checkbox, and click Stop.

To restart a service, select the corresponding checkbox, and click Restart.

To select all services, use the Select All button. To deselect the services, click Clear All.

Click Refresh to refresh the list of services.

Click Delete Sessions to clear all user sessions.

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